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Summer Daze

posted Aug 14, 2013, 5:15 PM by Elaine Busby

I love the play on words of this title, “Summer Daze”. It is exactly the mindset that begins to envelope my psyche once school is out, the weather warms up, and daylight lasts until 9PM – or later.

But just because its summer doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do – and sometimes even more: the yard needs watering and mowing, plants and vegetables require tending, and children must find ways to recreate.

The long days and hot temps would seem to give one more time to write.

But for me, it’s a festering, manic period.

Knowing that the cold weather will soon bite at my bones, I swerve from one activity to the next, cramming in as much summer as I possibly can.

By late August, back to school shopping, putting up vegetables for the winter and squeezing in one more outdoor activity or vacation still lures me away from the computer keyboard.

So, dear readers, we all know fall will arrive, as sure as my tomatoes will start staying green on the vine. I will bundle them all inside and hope a few turn red.

And that’s about the time I hope to be back blogging…and slogging in the rain. Yuk.

In the meantime, allow me (and yourself) a few more weeks of these wonderful summer “daze”.