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March Madness

posted Mar 23, 2013, 10:26 AM by Elaine Busby
This week, we have had sun, rain, hail and snow. Sometimes all within an hour. In fact, a few days ago, as I was driving to Portland, I encountered the nastiest hailstorm I had ever been through in my life. (keep in mind I am a west coast girl.)

I had left Hood River with my sunglasses on, coat discarded on the back seat of the car. Within ten miles, I was assaulted by what can only be described as the fury of the gods. A thick, dark cloud obstructed the sun. Then the hail arrived without warning. Red tails lights glowed from the truck in front of me, and I braked from 65 down to 40 miles an hour. This hail was being thrown at me, no, hurled at me from giant unseen hands. Double windshield wiper speed wasn’t enough to keep it cleared. I was the target for buckets of hail dumped on my car. I wanted to pull over, but with the limited vision and lack of a wide shoulder, it seemed safer to keep crawling, rather than be hit by an oncoming driver whose vision might be worse than mine.

Needless to say, this all passed with a five minute window. And by the time I arrived in Portland, the sun cracked the clouds open and beneath that massive yellow yolk, I was once again wearing sunglasses.

But I had passed through a violent demonstration of Mother Nature’s fury. Not a tsunami, not an earthquake, not a tornado. Just something edgy enough to remind me that I’m not in control.

“Madness” is the moniker we give this power in the month of March. As if the planet has gone mental. Yet this Earth has a purpose infinitely beyond human ken. And we are the ones who are unbalanced in its treatment.