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Gifts from the Spirit

posted Feb 7, 2015, 12:51 PM by Elaine Busby
So in my last post, I said my granddaughter would be here for "her own holiday". Little did I know how right I was in saying that.
She was late - very late, in fact. She skipped right over the solstice, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, her grandfather's birthday and even New Year's Eve. Apparently none of those holidays interested her. I thought she was completely out of holidays. Labor started on Jan. 5, and I thought, "Cool, 1-5-15, what a nice sounding date."
But it wasn't until she arrived on the 6th that I realized the holiday this little bundle had chosen: Epiphany. When the wise men find Jesus and honor him with gifts. 
She is our gift and we are honored to welcome Maya into the world. 
What gifts she will bring us!