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Countdown to Christmas

posted Dec 10, 2014, 3:33 PM by Elaine Busby
Most people are counting the days to Christmas - shopping days, shipping days, school days. However, in our family this year we are counting down the days until a very special birthday - that of a grandchild. She is due on Christmas Day. 
Now this is a first child for my daughter-in-law, so chances are the baby will be late. If so, she might be born on her grandpa's birthday which is the 30th. The soon to be mother thinks the baby will be born early - on the solstice. My daughter thinks it will be Christmas Eve. 
You see, everyone in the family has a dollar bet going on the actual date - but its my belief that only the baby knows for sure.
As a parent, I have learned from my child that she came into the world on her own timetable. She knew when her soul wanted to start being on this planet. I didn't seem to have a thing to do with it.
So this baby might decide that Christmas Day is her day. 
We just don't know. We do know it's going to be a girl.
And she will be here for her own holiday....the best Christmas gift we could all ever ask for.