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After the Influence

posted Dec 3, 2013, 10:05 AM by Elaine Busby
Quitting anything is hell. 
The first few days of my self-inflicted vegan attempts were not fun. I missed everything; cheese, meat, cheese, eggs, cheese, half and half...and did I mention cheese?!?
However, after about two weeks I mellowed out. The diet became easier, and my little pinkie finger, the one with a bit of arthritis, started improving. 
Cheese, however, was still an issue. Don't even think those cheese substitutes are worth trying. I tried the soy cheese, the almond can just substitute the word "rubber" for a preface on any of them. 
So I suffered. and not necessarily in silence.
Yet, after a stoic month of cleansing, I started modifying my "vegan" choices and found I can tolerate meat, sprinkled in dishes, and not as a main event. 
Eggs are fine, and the dairy alternatives are excellent. Soy and almond milk rock!
And I found out a little goat cheese is tolerable. This was the best news of all. 
So, after eliminating what most people consider to be the arthritic influences, and adding back a few appealing substitutes, I am happy to report that my hell is not heaven, but perhaps it is the  best haven I can create on this earth plane.
And, I have a happy pinkie finger to prove it.