posted Feb 19, 2013, 9:26 PM by Elaine Busby   [ updated Feb 19, 2013, 9:29 PM ]
To many these days, these simple letters are a shortcut for the text message: I see you!

Unfortunately for my only brother, there’s no shortcut involved and no spaces between the letters.

He is in ICU. And that is nothing you want to see for anyone you love.

My brother has myotonic dystrophy. It’s a common form of MD that affects his finer muscles: he has very few facial wrinkles, his hands can’t grip and his lack of tongue muscles make him sound about two drinks shy of a six pack.

This form of the disease progresses slowly, but in the end, many die of pneumonia due to weak lung muscles.

My brother choked on cornbread three weeks ago, and ever since has been hooked up to every tube you can imagine.

I see him every day right now. And will continue to hold his hand, try to read his lips and make sure he is comfortable.

In our exchanges, we are down to what counts in life; simple, heartfelt times with what bits of laughter and passing beauty we can grab onto.

Today, my brother watched the clouds out the window and pointed to them. They gave him pleasure, and we’ll take those passing moments and make them our day.

Be there for the people you love. See them in person as much as you can. Call on the phone. Use I C U or any texting as an enhancement but not a replacement for face to face communication.

Because where Doug is, I may not see him again. 

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