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"Elaine Busby's latest romance novel smolders in just such a way to keep you turning the pages - faster and faster. The tension between Calvin and Jade interwoven with several interesting subplots - all set amid the cutthroat music business - makes for a downright good read. Busby has solidified her place as a romance novelist." Janet Cook, Editor, The Gorge Magazine
"A compelling and sympathtic character driving a story that moves forward as if powered with perpetual motion - what more could any reader want?" Jon F. Thompson, L.A. journalist, author
Panic attacks start to plague Jade, just as this musician’s career begins escalating. An L.A. restaurant owner, Calvin Collins, helps her recover, then wines and dines his way into her heart. However, Jade’s agent warns her that Calvin has an unsavory back story. As their romance develops, Jade starts climbing the charts with her new CD. Her panic attacks are also on the rise, and the L.A. gossip mill would love to roast Calvin; all issues she’d rather ignore than investigate. Will Jade’s life end up “On the Rocks”, like the dark song she’s been composing? Or will she find the strength to seek the truth, and sing those secrets into the light?  Find On the Rocks on Amazon
Winner of the 2005 Timeless Love Contest
As TV reporter Kelly Moran hurries across Portland, Oregon to a press conference covering an arson fire at Hart Candy, a couple of assumptions form in her mind. First, the owner of a candy company must surely be a portly man well into his golden years. Second, it seemed likely that Hart had helped along the blaze which destroyed his candy company.
One look at Steve Hart - trim and handsome - cancelled Kelly's first assumption, but she couldn't be so sure about the second. His concerns seem heartfelt, but Kelly can't silence her reporter's suspicious questions. What about those secretive phone calls? Who stood to gain if the candy company was out of business? Was Steve Hart really attracted to her or was he simply looking for some "journalistic cover"?
As Kelly searches for answers, she realizes that her own heart has added to the list of burning questions... Find Burning Questions on Amazon